ARC of Hot Tapping jobs for different process schemes at Haldia Refinery

ON Stream Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd has been awarded by ARC of Hot Tapping jobs for different process schemes at Haldia Refinery. 

This contract is for the duration of two years, with effect from March 2021 which includes several hot tappings of various sizes between 2 Inch and 24 Inches, Angular Hot Tappings, High Temperature Hot Tappings.

This contract was awarded by Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Haldia Refinery  to Mansi Ganga Builders & Engineers Pvt. Ltd (A leading company in Trenchless Pipeline Laying Technology).

M/s Mansi Ganga have further awarded this work to ON Stream Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

On Line Replacement of 8 Inch SV

Pipeline Owner : Indraprastha Gas Limited

PMC : Tractebel Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Projct : Replacement of 8 Inch Sectionizng Valve using Hot Tapping & Tandem Double Stopple method

INDRAPRASTHA GAS LIMITED (IGL), one of India's leading natural gas distribution companies, supplying natural gas as cooking and vehicular fuel in Delhi and NCR. IGL were intending to replace the defective 8 Inch Sectionizing valves on their natural gas pipeline, without disturbing their line functioning and without altering their natural gas distribution network laid across a densely populated area

First Time Ever in their history of operating one of the largest City Gas Distribution Pipeline network in India, IGL opted to execute a line Stopple operation, intending to minimise the production loss, and ensure NO SHUT DOWN operation of the most significant part of their CGD network.

The  project of online replacement of SV’s at 3 different locations of greater Noida was awarded to MANSI GANGA BUILDERS & ENGINEERS PVT LTD, A leading company in Trenchless Pipeline Laying Technology in India.

M/s MANSI GANGA awarded the scope of Hot Tapping & Line Stopple Services associated with this project to On Stream Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. Team ON STREAM, Utilising their highly reliable infrastructure, Specialised Equipements & Expert Manpower, have successfully completed the Online Replacement of 8 Inch SV's at SV Station 1 (Kasna, Greater Noida), SV Station 6 (Surajpur, Greater Noida) & SV Station 5 (LG Chowk, Greater Noida).